Light Perception 2018/2019

 archival pigment print on baryta paper mounted on dibond,  plexiglass installations, light installations,  variable dimensions

In light art works, light is the main medium of expression—an art form in which either a sculpture of some form produces light, or where light is used to create a kind of disembodied sculptural presence through the manipulation of light, colors, and shadows. This series is an investigation into the possibility of photographic expression in the post-digital era. Inspired by the great masters of the past like Man Ray with his experimental techniques: Rayographies.

I decided in this project, not to use the camera but starting from a digital white module (like a sheet of photosensitive paper), using only the light spectrum to create volume and space, allowing light to have a physical presence. 

"Disorientation and uncertainties permeates our time, we all are in constantly changing and we are all made of light."

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