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Fabian Albertini

1965, Montecchio Emilia, Italy 


Fabian Albertini, an Italian-Brazilian artist living and working in Reggio Emilia and Rio de Janeiro. Albertini explores the intersection of nature and spirituality to interrogate and reevaluate the connection between human and nature. With a focus on pressing environmental issues, her artistic endeavors often originate from immersive fieldwork in remote landscapes, including forests and deserts. Operating within a multidisciplinary framework spanning photography, painting, sculpture, and installation, Albertini explores a vast array of materials to convey her message. Her work invites critical reflection on how we perceive, represent, and engage with the natural world, Albertini transcends conventional boundaries, offering new insights into our understanding of nature. 


Highlights include: publication Just Be/ between lines, Publisher Snap Collective, Denmark, 2024; Collective Ouro Líquido, Centro Cultural Correios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2024; Colletive Aequilibrium, Salon Meiselberg, Meiselberg Castle, Carinthia, Austria, 2024; Casa Voa, Artist Residency, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2024; personal Sospensione, Link Studio Arte, Bologna, Italy, 2024; colletive Inspire Art Show (NFT), Nordic Blockchain Conference, Langelinie Pavilion Copenhagen, 2023; colletive Sloika World Photography Day Exhibition (NFT), Superlative Gallery, Bali, Indonesia, 2023; colletive Laguna Art Prize, Venice, Italy, 2023; personale Fluido, Galerie Molin Corvo, Paris, France, 2023; colletive Le Godmiché, Noaddress Gallery, Reggio Emilia, Italy, 2023; personale Controlled Lives, Fiumefreddo Photo festival, Calabria, Italy, 2022; colletive Ciao Tchau, Noaddress Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2022; colletive Art Site Fest, Palazzina Reale di Caccia di Stupinigi, Torino, Italy, 2022; public collection Piú Nuovo, Palazzo dei Musei Civici, Reggio Emilia, Italy, 2021; personal ‘X’, Galerie Palü, Zurich, Switzerland, 2020; personal Controlled Lives, Photoumnales 17° edition, Le Quadrilatère-Beauvais, France; personal Seguindo uma Linha, Galerie Palü, Pontresina, Switzerland 2020; collective Flutua em Diálogos Ressonantes, Galeria Mamute, Porto Alegre, Brasil 2020; personal Beyond Seeing, Molin Corvo Gallery, Paris, France 2020; collective Projections Discovery Awards, Encontros da Imagem Festival, Braga, Portugal 2019; Winner Life Framer Photography Prize, jury Richard Mosse, 2019; personal Controlled Lives, PhotoLux Festival, Lucca, Italy, 2019; colletive Art Site Fest, Royal Castle of Govone, Italy 2019; personal De Finibus Terrae, European Parliament, Strasburg, France, 2019; Winner Special Prize Laguna Art Prize 2019, Venice, Italy; collective So Far, Landskrona Foto Festival, Landskrona, Sweden, 2018; colletive Laguna Art Prize, Arsenale, Venice, Italy, 2018; personal Fake - Truth, Rotterdam Photo Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2018; Lab Verde, Artist Residency, Amazzonia, Brazil, 2018; personal Get Lost, TAL Projects Cascais, Portugal, 2017; colletive Projections Discovery Awards, Encontros da Imagem Festival, Braga, Portugal, 2017; 54° Venice Biennial, Arsenale, Venice, Italy, 2011; personal Ama+zônia - Corpos da Natureza, Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2011.

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