Fabian Albertini is an Italian artist  based between Reggio Emilia and Rio de Janeiro.

In her research Fabian Albertini uses installations and photographs  to explore existence and perceptions.

Fabian focuses on reflection, moving more than the simple observation of works, creating issues on our way of thinking, changing the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. 

To date, her works has explored the complex of consciousness creating performances interpreted by contemporary dancers inside the environment, the relationship between man and environment through dialogues between art and spirituality, focused on daily transformations, using digital interventions and exploring different materials to give to photograph new possibilities.


Some exhibitions and prize: Seguindo uma Linha, solo exhibition Galerie Palü, Switzerland 2020;  Life Framer London and Milano 2019; Projections Discovery Awards, Encontros da Imagem  Festival, Braga, Portugal 2019;  Life-framer Winners Colors By Richard Mosse, Finalist on street Photography awards Lens Culture 2019, PhotoLux Festival 2019, Lucca, Italy; Art site fest, Royal Castle of Govone, Italy, 2019  De Finibus Terrae, European Parliament 2019, Strasburg, France ;(Art in the city, view point Torino, Italy, 2018; Der Greif-Guest Room Controlled Lives by Urs Stahel 2018; Der Greif-Guest Room, Controlled Lives by Monica Allende 2018; So Far, Landskrona Foto Festival, Landskrona, Sweden - 2018 , Der Greif-Guest Room, Controlled Lives by Lorenza Bravetta, 2018; Der Greif-Guest Room, Controlled Lives by Diane Dufour 2018; Light Perception, No Address Gallery at Palazzo Tirelli, Reggio Emilia, Italy, 2018; Laguna Art Prize Arsenale, Venice, Italy, 2018; Fake - Truth, Rotterdam Photo Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 2018; Winter Exhibition, LensCulture 2017; Get Lost, TAL Projects Cascais, Portugal - 2017; Projections Discovery Awards, Encontros da Imagem  Festival, Braga, Portugal - 2017; No Photo Paratissima, Torino, Italy - 2017; Bianco Deserto, Fotografia Europea Circuito OFF, Reggio Emilia, Italy - 2017; Residencies include: Lab Verde, (Amazon, Brazil- 2018) and Art  Biennial (London, UK - 2004).

Most recent interviews and publications: PHMUSEUM, Controlled Lives by Laurence Cornet; Aint-Bad, Seguindo uma Linha [following a line] by Nicole Hawkins; Latent Image Magazine, Seguindo uma Linha [following a line] issue 13; Doc! Photo Magazine, issue 38 talks interview.

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