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Under Waves, 2020

photograph printed on canvas and overpainted with acrylic color

White Sea#1 140x180cm.jpg
Black Sea#120x150 cm.jpg
Black sea #2.jpg

The series “Under waves” consists of monochrome 'overpainted photographs' depicting the majestic fury of the sea leap the sky, showing the enigmatic of the ocean force.

A wave is a disturbance (change from equilibrium) of one or more fields, representing strong emotions and a sudden urge to move ahead in life. 

Getting lost in the abysses and finding yourself, questioning not only how perception works, but also our relation to “nature” and the sublime. The body acts as an extension of nature.

Fabian Albertini uses the contrast between the flat objectiveness of a photo and the tactility of paint applied by the artist’s hand… the act of shooting belongs to the past, the act of painting brings the work back to the present.

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