Seguindo uma linha  [following a line], 2012/2020

Archivals pigment on Hahnemühle Photo Rag, mounted on di-bond, framed, anti-reflective glass, sound installations,  iron installations, variable dimensions











Seguindo uma Linha, [following a line], started in 2012 exploring the transition between conscious and unconscious. 

In the last 17 years I lived in Brazil, where spiritual research is very intense and important, everyday life is impregnated, this has changed my way of seeing and photographing.

The disorientation and uncertainty are the sensations of our time and the same ones that the photographs intend to trigger in the observer, the images take on a new perspective in a continuous overturning between looking inside and looking out, in a play of inverted landscapes, guided by perspective point changes, joined by a common denominator: the line.

The research proposal is engaging, focusing on reflection, moving more than the simple observation of works, questioning normal perception, creating issues, against contemporary photography abuse, trying to exploit the capabilities of traditional technique and digital, creating surreal landscapes. 

Sometimes the added element is harmonious with landscape, creating balance sometimes it creates ruptures, divisions. 

The elements represent an aperture, a transition, as a psychological process and spatial condition, a window on a parallel universe, the choice of colours is important, to lead the observer on a spiritual, introspective journey.


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