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The collective exhibition "Ouro Líquido" provides a poetic and reflective journey about the value of water, going beyond its physical nature and delving into cultural, symbolic, economic, social, environmental, and spiritual spheres. The title "Liquid Gold," like a bucolic melody, transcends materiality, capturing the deep essence of water in its various forms and casting a unique gaze on the preciousness of this resource, especially in regions where water is scarce.

The exhibition brings together works by artists Fabian Albertini, Carmen Einfinger, Gabriela Maciel, Sofia Seda, Miriam Loellmann, Bruna Rotunno, Matteo Beltrami, Matteo Messori, and the duo Pirilampos do Planeta, revealing a unique perspective that oscillates between realism and utopia, between figuration and abstraction. In this sense, each artist emerges as a unique piece in this puzzle, contributing to a deeper and more holistic understanding of water as a treasure to be preserved.

Therefore, it is not only a celebration of water as a vital element but also an invitation to reflect on our relationship with it, creating deep emotions and memories, as well as the urgent need to preserve water resources and their symbolism for future generations. 

Juliana Curvellano 

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