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Fluido, Galerie Molin Corvo, Paris, 2022

"Everything is in constant flux on this earth. Nothing keeps the same unchanging shape, and our affections, being attached to things outside us, necessarily change and pass away as they do. Always out ahead of us or lagging behind, they recall a past which is gone or anticipate a future which may never come into being; there is nothing solid there for the heart to attach itself to. Thus our earthly joys are almost without exception the creatures of a moment..."
— Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Galerie Molin Corvo is pleased to present the second solo exhibition, Fluido, an exhibition of new and recent works by Italian-Brazilian artist, Fabian Albertini. The exhibition will present a range of works from her interdisciplinary art practice, encompassed by paintings, drawing, painted Polaroids, and installation.

Fluido is a substance that can flow, has no fixed shape, and offers little resistance to an external stress, capable of flowing and easily changing shape. Fabian's work is mobility, an indistinct succession of qualitative nuances; “Consciousness, psychic life, like life in general, is continuous flux, constant change that ignores stillness.” Fabian

In the paintings titled Layers Fabian explore the chromatic fields through density and volume to create a passage of time, traces of a life, thoughts that have been partially erased, bringing a new possibility to the skin surface. Here, the image becomes a floating dialogue field of colors and layers—

Getting back on her early and extremely accomplished Portrait Polaroids from the 1990s, Fabian continue her practice overpainting photographs to create an organic abstract forms to play around subjectivity and deconstruction of the descriptive elements in a photograph.

In the beginning of 2022 Fabian embarked on a new line of enquiry and began developing her Stato Fluido series, a study into the relationship and boundaries between geometrical structures and the fluidity of human body, using ink and neon mark as her artistic medium of choice.

The installation In/Out that opens/closes the exhibition (a matter of perception) are doors, each a portal to the shores of another sphere. Inside which an empty/full space is simulated, as a continuation of the real space. The Portal leaves the viewer confused, uncertain of his position inside or outside the enclosure, of his role as an observer or observed.

The world should be analyzed in multiple aspects, is not made up of substantial particles or things, as has often been supposed, but is rather constituted by processes. Fabian explores the processes, for her everything is bound to alter, evolve and change over time, changing fluidly, varying between different possibilities.

The result is a poetic body of works, monochrome and multicolor, framing and endlessness, precision and mystery all become one.


Juliana Curvellano

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