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De Finibus Terrae: Xylella Landscape with Bruna Rotunno

Emilio Colombo Gallery, European Parliament of Strasbourg, France, 2019 

De Finibus Terrae: Xylella Landscape

De Finibus Terrae: Xylella Landscape is a collaboration between Fabian Albertini and Bruna Rotunno. 

Salento is a region of Apulia in Italy, the last land facing Albania and Greece, is a very ancient land, populated by millions of ancient olive trees. These landscapes characterize the identity of this area, deeply connected to the territory and the population. 

In this project the objective is to reveal the radical change that the arrival of “Xylella”, (a phytopathogenic bacterium that affect olive trees) brought to Salento’s territory. The situation evolved very rapidly into an epidemic, expanding exponentially in olive groves, killing over a period of about 5 years, thousands of olive trees, transforming completely the territory of Salento and canceling the true identity of this land and of the people who live there. 

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