Bianco Deserto

print on concrete, concrete installations, variable dimensions, 2017

Bianco Deserto is a series that investigate the disorientation and uncertainties that permeates our time, giving new prospective to visual perceptions. 

Images white paintbrushed giving an overall sense of placelessness, leaving space to build a new context.

The aim is to explore  the contruction/desconstruction of images, creating lightness and tranquility with the white color , something between spiritual and purify significants amid the chaos that surround us.  In times of photographs abuse, the erased images possess  ambiguity/ ambivalence that invite to consider the extermination of images as a way of material and conceptual regeneration.


"Fabian emphasizes her interest in the materiality of mediums like concrete, whose presence couldn’t be any more physical and palpable, printing on concrete plates, molded by her, and cotton paper exploring the narrative potentialities of these materials."

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