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Ama+zônia, 2010

Archivals pigment on Hahnemühle Photo Rag, mounted on di-bond, framed, anti-reflective glass,  

 variable dimensions

In these images, Fabian shows us the colors and the anatomy of nature, leading us to perceive even sounds and smells, in a journey that synesthetic get to leave intoxicated. There are clues that lead us to discover the detail a set from a simple particular an entire ecosystem where wildlife is linked to the universal order which makes possible the cycles of life. The feeling given to us from the Amazon lead us to discover, in its sinuous forms, the tropical forest is woman. His many bodies are portrayed almost like human figures, where light plays a fundamental role to reveal or hide. The photographer applies her ability to compose images in search of a different way of portraying the nature, seeking above all to emphasize the aesthetic, abstracting forms from the real context. The pleasure is the fundamental feeling that guides us in the discovery of the images, transporting us into a parallel world made of carefully selected colors and images of reality that seem almost abstract. In the photographs often see details that make images whose intention is not mere description, but the search for harmony, in which the form takes precedence over content, in an obvious reference to a photograph straight from masters like Edward Weston, adding, however, the composition a scale of colors that complement the picture and make it contemporary.

The Italian photographer turns her experience in the field of photography to the observation of the country where for years lived, Brazil, combining her eye and her ability to artistic contemplation. A very successful meeting between art and technique that reveals the power of the photographic image as a tool to tell us about nature.

This exhibition took part in the 54th edition of the Venice Biennale, part of the “Padiglione Italia nel Mondo” a project curated by art critic Vittorio Sgarbi to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy and attended by Italian artists who reside within abroad.


Claudia Buzzetti

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