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44.6984907 - 10.629356

Noaddress Gallery, Reggio Emilia, Italy, 2021

'44.6984907 - 10.629356'

'44.6984907 - 10.629356'  is Fabian Albertini’s first solo show at the gallery’s new space on the occasion of Fotografia Europea. She presents a vision of a world  wrapped in a sense of what we think that we see and actually what we really see, exploring what is in-between. With this new body of work ranging from photographs and steel and stone sculptures, the artist navigates through visual phenomena, visibility / invisibility, perception, reflection,  light/color and scale/distance.  It’s a visual tour of the known and unknown universe.


The continuity of the photographs immerses viewers in fascinating universe landscapes and puts them in the midst of deserted and light duplicating the space, altering its perception, that leaves the viewer confused, uncertain of his position inside or outside the enclosure, of his role as an observer or observed. It shows regions we think we know from collectively construed images, but in most cases have never actually visited, creating an illusion of what is from our planet and what is part of the unknown universe. 


To welcome the viewer on the floor are five sculptures, each showing a stone suspended by iron bars,  rather than expressing weight and presence they now exemplify weightlessness and absence, giving a new sense of possibility.


The works included in the exhibition are imbued by the artist’s curiosity and desire to understand the environment. A tour of the exhibition turns into a journey through the universe of the artist and offers an opportunity to reflect on the inseparable relationship between man, nature and the universe.

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